Enjoying Transformation

Our brand essence is “Enjoying Transformation”. “Enjoying Transformation” delivered by MIC is not just about changing and transforming. Choosing partnering with us mean you will transform your business with confidence and pride. We are delivering the solution not only by the technology but also with the hearts beat emotion with the excitement consideration for any personal. People, and organization to achieve more with happiness mindset. That’s why we name it as enjoying transformation.

Our Story

Started from 2007, MIC Enterprise became a software development company focusing on empowering solutions through educative approaches. But we're well-aware that digital industry's growth was being so dynamic, so that why a new approach is presented. Now we are standing as a company offering on tech-based developments and services, to help people, organization, and society challenge the revolution. It leads us not only to focus on products, but also on peoples.

corporate heritage

a. Streak of Digital Transformation through happiness mindset
b. Road of Passion and Innovation with Microsoft Based Technology
c. Infuses a soul for our solution through imagination

corporate vision

a. We love technology and we want people to enjoy fruitful lives through technology
b. We envision how technology can become an enabler to world sustainability and digital transformation for the human race
c. We embrace challenges and empower digital transformation to achieve more through the path of creativity


Novrian Fajar Hidayat

Chief Technology Officer

Randi Eka Yonida

Chief Operational Officer

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