Digital Transformation

Reimagining how you bring together people, data, and processes to create value for your customers and maintain a competitive advantage in a digital-first world.

Professional Development

Technology is just a thing. The thing will be sophisticated when there are right people who operate it. We want to make sure you become the right person to be able to optimize the technology in the 21st century. Let's be certified, and show the world that you're ready to be a tech-hero! We provide specialized training for the enhancement of technological competencies that lead a person to an international certification.

IT Content Creating Service

The educative approach is still be the best way to deliver knowledge of technology. We recognize that high mobility makes self-learning a key. Accompanying the learning process goes well, we present you with an intuitive line of content development services. With structured learning channels, we develop and deliver materials for self-learning. Includes developing content specific to your competency needs.

Digital Marketing as a service

Optimize the business potential by creating a right way for companies to connect with potential customers through a digital approach.

Professional Development

We develop the marketing strategy with a tech-solution development. To ensure an optimal usage, it is necessary to start by transferring competence to the person who will drive on it. Because your success is in your own hand. We provide integrated training activities to provide an understanding of the latest technological competencies for your organization. Our services including: workshop, certification, and incubation for Microsoft product optimization.

Microsoft Tech Consulting

We assist the implementation of Microsoft's best software to ensure optimization in your business environment. Technology investments should have a good impact on business acceleration in this digital era.

Microsoft Technology Consulting

Accompanied by certified staff, we are ready to help your organization maximize its technology investments. Including providing assistance in making technology implementation strategies, and providing assistance in day-to-day operations. Our services including: paperless office strategy, Microsoft-based product development, Microsoft technology implementation training and system installation.

Visual Branding as a service

Helping businesses represent the best image through modern ways that effectively and efficiently reach targeted audiences.


Video content is the best medium that offers a visual experience for users, perfect for content development such as tutorials or tech product demos. Our services including: content development, content distribution.


Through image-based content, bring your brand to maneuver in today's popular social media like Facebook or Instagram, to embrace more reaches. Our services including: idea generation, content publishing.

IT Content Creating Service

Creating personalized tech-adoption contents to your specific needs. So it can be maximized for self-learning or distributed as an internal Wiki for your organization's workspace.


To make sure your best content can be properly digested by consumers in your market share by ensuring the content is delivered in the appropriate language and style. Our services including: company profile translation, newsletter translation, email direct marketing creation, and another localized content needs.

Book Publishing

To assist your brand in publishing the best content in a structured mold, to facilitate the distribution and printing process better. Our services including: content development, book printing, ISBN, book publishing.

Professional Development

Accompany your social activities in the community with the best and most efficient digital approach, using the right technology and way.

Office 365 Implementation

Implementation of communication and collaboration technologies to maximize productivity in work systems.

Move to the Cloud

Maximize the potential of cloud computing to present the best opportunity in the development of business processes within organizations.

IT Content Creating Service

Helping your brand achieve a social impact vision with a range of programs and contents.

Bizpark Grant

Support small-medium business to accelerate with the latest technology from Microsoft.

Partner Grant

Helping social enterprises to get the best impact from the application of technology as a whole.