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School Timetabling System

ABOUT School Timetabling System


Jadwalin is a software that provide the school to generate timetable for classes agenda. Imagine if your school has limited room, teachers, but with a lot of students. With Jadwalin, your school can generate the timetable within minutes. They can generate the timetable with five easy steps: 

  • Managing the time slot 
  • Managing the room
  • Managing the teachers and its constraint 
  • Managing the courses and the students in the course
  • Click generate!

Jadwalin provides unique values for a school with complex constraints. For example, Jadwalin can make sure the student won't get classes more than 75% of time slot to make sure they are not exhausted. Jadwalin will make sure the senior teacher shall not teach in higher floor. Furthermore, the Jadwalin can choose which room that proper for a class without wasting the tables. You can configure Jadwalin with more than 10+ configurations. With the enhanced algorithm Jadwalin can generate the timetables within only 7 minutes for 100 classes, 25 teachers, and 1200 students. If you are school that need timetabling system that run on the cloud with cost-effective solution Jadwalin is the answer.  


  • Powered by Cloud Computing can generate your classes within minutes
  • Support flexible time slot and classroom
  • Providing option for teacher availability and handicap
  • Providing context aware situation such as floor, location, and room capacity
  • understand the well-being health such as exhausted, mobility, and overtime.